Corrosion reloading

Corrosion & Cavitation, Special Coating

Reloading, coating, sealing, rigging, slip … corrosion, cavitation, special coating, epoxy resin

Corrosion of the steel due to its contact with oxygen. Check the oxygen you control thecorrosion.

RESIN SYSTEM control the repair technique polymers. With resins “Belzona” distributed by the company Protecmo we have been partners for several years and in the same way we work closely with the company 3X Engineering, study of polymer and composite materials office. Resin System closely with new partner develops a range of anti-corrosion protection.

Systems and repair coating using polymers and specific materials

Our experience with resins and polymers, we can make repairs that avoid prolonged machinery and equipment shutdown. In most cases, the repair is carried out in situ. Surface preparation with appropriate means is always necessary: Stripping laser induction system, mechanical stripping with a very powerful machine, the MBX. This machine allows among others to have an optimal surface roughness to ensure excellent grip.

“My core business is the repair problems related to corrosion and cavitation with polymer and composite. After analyzing the constraints of the environment, a feasibility study is then defined. The partnership chemist resin manufacturer and design department, ensuring reliability in my repairs “- Philippe FRICOUT -

Reparation corps de pompe resine epoxy

Application with Belzona Resin 1341; after reloading of the structure.

-Protection of ferrous and non-ferrous materials by applying methods adapted to the constraints in tanks, pumps, condensers, boilers, valves …

-Maintenance and repair of vessels, shards of concrete

Systems-stapling metals, sealing cracks, repair of worn seal shirts on engine blocks

Nano-technology (nano carbon tube), mortar (resin) reconstruction, charged or uncharged, putty freezes …

epoxy pour tank