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Dandruff Anti-Corrosion Paint

RUST GRIP: Anticorrosion painting  single component polyurethane with aluminum pigments. Curing by reaction with atmospheric moisture. Also used as a base coat or finish. Prevention against rust or wrap the old layers of lead-based paint or zinc present on: pipelines, bridges, ships, roofs, silos, storage tanks, building diverse. Use as invigorating and waterproof paint on materials such as concrete, metal, wood, asbestos cement sheets, …

Very easy to implement, without sanding necessary, makes its inexpensive application. Prevents rust and stops corrosion by wrapping the existing rust. Resistance to abrasion and wear. Resistance to weathering and UV rays.

The solution against corrosion

RUST GRIP is a corrosion protection paint adhesion with higher quality, flexibility, resistance to abrasion and impact, are exceptionally high. This painting is weatherproof, UV and most solvents.

Application by brush, roller or airless spray. A layer of 225 to 450 g / layer according support. Gray

Corrosion avancée

Tuyaux corrodés

Pipeline protégé

Après traitement Rust Grip


Protégé de la rouille