Offshore & Onshore

Offshore & Onshore

Resin System operates worldwide.

Repair pipe line, using polymer composite. Anti-corrosion, insulation repair, manufacture and installation of thermal insulation system.

Thanks to the narrow institutional p with a consulting firm specializing in offshore work, Resin System offers an original concept: A combination of Kevlar ® tape and specific epoxy resins. This combination gives the mechanical characteristics required by current standards (ASME B31G, ISO 24817, ASME PCC2) for the repair of pipelines. This composite technology enhances your facility even after losing a percentage of their original thickness.

Engineering and 3D study

The study partner office offers simulation studies of stresses calculated by finite elements.

Thanks to its design software REA office sizing study all kinds of building
composite ensuring the quality and longevity of your equipment in accordance with standard oil.