Description of Basecrete BaseCrete is a waterproof bondcoat for use in all applications where a solid and durable waterproof barrier is required. BaseCrete will adhere to most surfaces, is resistant to most chemicals and corrosive agents and can withstand a high degree of movement while maintaining its integrity. BaseCrete can be used to protect any concrete structure or surface from deterioration due to water infiltration. In addition Basecrete protects the underlying structure against the corrosive elements often found in water such as salt. BaseCrete is also completely resistant to all the chemicals used in pool maintenance. In industrial applications Basecrete will protect the underlying structure against the destructive effects of many acids and other corrosive agents. Basecrete can be used to protect new construction against deterioration from above agents as well as to repair structures that have already suffered deterioration as a result of water infiltration and/or the effects of corrosive agents. BaseCrete is a versatile multi-purpose overlay product imparting industry leading protection to all types of structures. Composition BaseCrete is a mix of polymers and specialized cement resulting in an extremely dense mortar. The unique polymers impart an exceptional degree of impermeability while the specialized cement adds a degree of adhesion that is unrivalled in the industry today. In addition the product has an exceptionally high degree of elasticity that clearly surpasses the tolerances for movement built in to most structures. The combination of the above factors results in a product that acts like concrete, can be applied like concrete yet is waterproof, adheres to anything and can withstand a considerable amount of movement. Applications BaseCrete can be used anywhere one wishes or needs to protect against water infiltration or the effects of corrosive agents or even both at the same time. The unique elasticity of BaseCrete makes it particularly useful in applications such as suspended pools where a certain amount of movement is inevitable. Balconies exposed to the elements, particularly in coastal regions, are also prime candidates for application of Basecrete. Overflow gutters for infinity and vanishing edge pools are ideal applications for BaseCrete as are all types of water features.