Induction Stripping

stripping Induction

Application areas

The system will strip paint, other coatings, heavy rust, bacterial corrosion and oil and grease electrically conductive surfaces (ferromagnetic steel) breaking the interfacial bonding between the material and the substrate etch residues, induction heating localized and controlled which consumes minimal energy.

Principle of induction heating

The induction generator sends an alternating current through an induction coil, which generates an electromagnetic field. This field induces eddy currents in the conductive material such as steel. Due to the strength of the steel, these currents are converted into heat by induction. Heat is generated below the coating, resulting in rapid and clean separation thereof.

Chemical pre-etching

As part of our studies, it appears that in certain circumstances, pre-stripping areas:
1.d difficult access (complex shapes)
2.fortes thickness of non-metallic materials not allowing the use of laser technology and induction

it will be necessary to apply a chemical solution for every painting. All products applied must meet the regulations appliquables as environmental protection that operators. We make sure to treat surfaces without generating flows. The product returns after traitementdes surfaces are made ​​with a waste tracking compliant.