Laser Stripping

Laser etching

Areas of application

Mold cleaning (Plastics, Biscuit, Foundry …)

Stripping coating (oxidation, paint, corrosion, impurities …)

Surface preparation (Increase tribological behavior or before welding, bonding, coating …)

Restoration of monuments (Stripping pollution on buildings)

Principle ablation

Layer is removed by absorption Laser short and intense pulse of laser has little influence on the thermal base material Base material cleaned reflects the laser radiation and stops the ablation process the metal can not be damaged not melt if properly control the laser parameters and therefore the best wavelength


Two physical phenomena: The coating is “vaporized” – (sublimation reaction) Erosion induced by pressure

test de décapage laser

test de décapage laser


Chemical pre-etching

As part of our studies, it appears that in certain circumstances, pre-stripping areas:
1.d difficult access (complex shapes)
2.fortes thickness of non-metallic materials not allowing the use of laser technology and induction

it will be necessary to apply a chemical solution for every painting. All products applied must meet the regulations appliquables as environmental protection that operators. We make sure to treat surfaces without generating flows. The product returns after traitementdes surfaces are made ​​with a waste tracking compliant.