Thermal Insulation

Dismontable lagging :

We manufacture removable lagging that allows access to the flanges and compensator, for the maintenance of these parts.

High density silicate wool, of different thicknesses

High temperature fabric, simple or reinforced with steel wire.

Possibility to insert chainmail to avoid mechanical wear due to vibration

High temperature ceramic tape directly on the exhaust to cut the first thermal shock

Several possible finishes: aluminum, white, matte gray,…

“Premium” version for intensive use

All our lagging fit to any shape, any form.

Fixed or dismantable systems that can be tailored to the constraints of the environment.

Our technical team is trained to install and repair all types of insulations.



Fixed lagging :

Fixed thermal insulations have been developed to meet very strict specifications.
Able to withstand temperatures up to 1100 ° C, ensuring the safety of staff, mechanics and crew.
outdoor temperatures below 50 ° C
Lagging is completly waterproof , ensuring fire safety in case of spilage of fuel on the installation.
Lagging  absorbs expansion.
the composition of the material conforms to rigorous environmental standards.
The components of this type of Lagging is well know to regulating bodies.
The components have all undergone technical and fire resistance testing (performed ​​by the technical services of the DGA), as authorized by the national and submarine Navy. They are also approved by Bureau Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping.


It is possible to transform a classic lagging to become waterproof