Heat Paint

Thermal paint

Painting insulation made ​​of ceramic.

Insulation Insulation 21st century

SUPER THERM ® is a single insulation paint based on water, composed of aliphatic urethanes high performances elastomeric acrylates, acrylates standard resins and additives.

SUPER THERM ®, thermal paint, consists of four separate ceramic elements that reflect 95% of radiant heat (visual light, IR and UV) rays. Two ceramic elements are reflectors, and the third acts as a vacuum space and the fourth stop 92% of IR radiation.

Real sealer

This allows SUPER THERM ® is a real sealer and not just a reflective paint, unlike paintings composed of a single ceramic element. Thanks to its unique combination of acrylics and urethanes, SUPER THERM ® cures completely in 14 to 21 days and form a extremely tough and durable coating without yellowing, weather resistant, providing more elasticity, tightness and UV resistance. SUPER HERM ® is a permanently flexible and breathable membrane that forms a real barrier against condensation and prevents corrosion. The surface after the application is slightly granular.


Propriété isolante de la peinture thermique

Propriété isolante de la peinture thermique

Insulation of pipes, storage tanks, to high temperatures, up to 450 ° C.

Hot pipe coating (HPC) is a ceramic coating-component water-based is nonflammable and nontoxic. Hot Pipe Coating is designed for insulation in high temperature 450 ° C. This paint may be single heat applied in layers until the skin temperature of the pipe has reached the desired level. Is used for example for the treatment of hot pipes or pots, without the need to stop the production process. Curing takes place by evaporation of water.


Hot Pipe Coating prevents the condensation, and therefore the corrosion.

Main use:
• Burning Pipelines and storage tanks.
• Protection of personal risk of scalding with hot surfaces ..
• Saves energy by reducing temperature loss.
• Prevents condensation of air conditioning systems
• On walls and roofs, interior and exterior
• On cold rooms, refrigerated vehicles, motorhomes and buses
• To avoid condensation and corrosion of air-conditioned buildings, pipelines, storage tanks, ships, etc..
• To prevent overheating of buildings for shelter animals, grain elevators, etc..
• As topcoat over RUST GRIP ® (metal roofing)