High Temperature

High Temperature

High temperature protection

Industrial engines emit a lot of heat, and some exhaust pipes require protection can withstand up to 1100 ° C. Specialist insulation and repair engine exhaust systems explosion Resin System provides isolation of these devices, but also repairs that allow optimal operation of internal combustion engines.

Isolate the high temperature

Combustion engines emit extreme heat from the exhaust system and the role of high temperature insulation Resin System is twofold: to protect the personnel on site these extreme temperatures, and ensures that no components of the exhaust system n ‘will leak.

Whether collector, trim, gear or any other party subject to extreme temperatures, Resin System technologies are there to protect your engine and surrounding personnel.

Prevent leakage

With time and use exhaust systems leaks occur. Besides the fact that the site becomes more dangerous because of the extreme temperatures of exhaust gases, engine performance is reduced because these losses are an obstacle in the flow of the exhaust stream, thereby reducing the effectiveness Turbocharger and increasing consumption.

Your still operational facility

Technologies for treatment of high temperature Resin System allow lasting repairs, thereby postponing heavy repairs immobilize your installation. Our team of qualified professionals are accustomed to emergency interventions to repair your leaks faster.

Example of high temperature repair

It is not easy to explain in the text the repair of high temperature leakage, so you enjoy the slideshow below to see full details in the different stages of a high temperature Resin System repair: