Thermal Insulation

Insulating high-tech

Many industrial environments are incompatible with too much heat, and must therefore be equipped with a professional thermal insulation to prevent excessive heat transfer that affect the operation of the site.

In the field of thermal insulation lagging, Resin System master the techniques of fixed and removable insulation well suited for environments that require frequent interventions.

Fixed insulating Resin System

Mindful of the mechanical and thermal characteristics of our insulating, we design them in strict adherence to a set of specifications that allows us to offer products that meet the most stringent regulations for thermal insulation.

Each project is a special case, and then we use our expertise to offer you the most suitable product for your needs, and we develop from common characteristics of our products:

Thermal Resistance: Able to withstand temperatures up to 1100 ° C, our fixed insulating protect and ensure the safety of your staff on site.

flame-retardant protection: Because they are continuous and waterproof, our products prémunissent your facility fires substantial accidental projection of flammable products.

Environmental Compliance: The composition of our fixed thermal insulation meets the strictest environmental standards, and our products are only compounds approved by regulators materials.

Resistance to fire: Our produce fixed insulation are compatible with the most sensitive environments. The components we use have passed the rigorous testing techniques DGA services, and have obtained the approval of the Bureau Veritas and the American Bureau of Shipping and they are installed in many buildings of the Navy, including a number of submarines.

Resin System isolation thermique

Removable insulating Resin System.

Many environments require regular maintenance of mechanical piping, and are therefore incompatible with fixed thermal insulation.
Recognizing the need to provide products suitable for these environments for which the intervention is very high, Resin System creates custom removable insulating suit your insulation needs.
Compounds of ceramic wool very high density of different thicknesses, our removable insulating envelope is coated with a single high-temperature or reinforced steel wire fabric.
In the case of heavy vibration, we strengthen your thermal insulation with a coat of mail in a sustainable manner that protects the envelope of thermal insulating fabric

Heat-which do not alter their environment

Particularly well suited to the engine rooms of ships of all types, removable insulating Resin System is equipped with a high temperatur band that intersects the first heat shock exit exhaust.

To give the best for your engine room, we provide our removable insulating white, aluminum or matt gray.

Calorifuge demontable

Calorifuge demontable


Resin System maintains your thermal insulation

Industrial and water environments are particularly difficult and demanding for all types of insulation, and to maintain their thermal insulation properties, your equipment need to be maintained.

Our team of professionals is fully qualified to not only install these devices at your convenience, but also maintain and repair insulating so that they retain their insulating properties over time.